Our Approach

Reaching Out To Impact Others

The organisation seeks to develop others and importantly to serve as a requirement in our mission to make a tangible impact on communities, specifically addressing the challenges faced by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. These grants form the bedrock of our strategy to discern and implement effective practices that genuinely support the journey of disadvantaged youth into secure, high-quality employment. 

In our quest for impactful solutions, we actively seek and support innovative approaches that can undergo rigorous testing and evaluation. We recognise that sustainable change stems from evidence-based practices, and our grants enable us to invest in initiatives with the potential to bring about real transformation in the lives of young individuals confronting systemic obstacles. 

Our focus extends beyond individual success stories. Once an approach demonstrates its efficacy through comprehensive evaluation, we are dedicated to expanding its reach. The ultimate goal is to ensure that proven strategies benefit a broader spectrum of young people, magnifying the positive impact on communities. We strive to bring about a ripple effect of positive change, fostering resilience, empowerment, and equal opportunities for young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds as they embark on their journey toward secure and high-quality employment.