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Get Support for Inclusive Employment: Unlocking Opportunities

At Enchanted Community Support Services Limited, we recognise the diverse strengths and potential within every individual, as we embark on a journey toward meaningful engagement through volunteering, training, and paid employment. Our advisors play a crucial role in providing tailored assistance to help individuals overcome barriers and achieve their goals.


We Offer:

One-to-One Guidance: There is the chance of a personalised online and community-based advice sessions with our experienced advisors, ensuring individual needs are met.

Workshops: Focused on both life and work skills, these workshops provide valuable insights for finding employment or accessing rewarding volunteering opportunities.

CV Writing Support: Guidance in crafting effective resumes to showcase skills and experiences.

Assistance with Online Job Applications: Practical help in navigating the digital platforms of job applications.

Interview Preparation: Tailored support to plan for and confidently face job interviews.

Our commitment is to empower individuals with diverse needs, creating pathways to inclusive employment and fostering a sense of belonging within the workforce and the community.